TO:              All Architect/Civil Engineering Firms


RE:              Alternative Septic Designs


FROM:                   Pulaski County Community Development


DATE:                   May 14, 2007


Attached please find a zoning certification letter for your use when processing an alternative septic design for your customers.  Also please provide a copy of the Building Permit Checklist to your customer at the time you obtain their signature on the zoning certification letter.  We ask that the zoning certification letter be signed by the property owner and building permit checklist be completed so that the owner is aware that this is only one item to start the process for their proposed project.


The Pulaski County Community Development Department would like to ask that you provide the property owner with an extra copy of your report for the Building Permit application.  Please place the letter on your company letterhead, then have the property owner sign and fax to 540-980-7717 for the Zoning Department to complete.


Thank you for your assistance in this matter. 





































I, ___________________________ (property owner name), am requesting zoning certification on property I own for an alternative septic design.  Below is my information to process this request.


          Tax Map No:


          Proposed Project (Please check the appropriate box): 


                           Single Family Detached Dwelling

                           Modular Home

                           Manufactured Home


I as property owner understand that I will need to complete the Building Permit Checklist.  I will then visit the Building Department Office to insure the proper paperwork for submittal before I can obtain my building permit.




Property Owner Signature



The Pulaski County Zoning Department verifies the zoning district to be ___________ which allows or does not allow the proposed project.





____________________________________                              __________________

Zoning Administrator                                                        Date