It is our mission as a Board to take PRIDE in serving the citizens of Pulaski County;

To provide EXCELLENCE in employee performance, agency and commission support, intergovernmental relations and public service delivery; and

To have a VISION for the growth and development of our community.




¨       Maintain high educational standards

¨       Promote GED achievement within the work force

¨       Fund school building needs

¨       Include full size gym in new buildings for community use


Public Safety

¨       Set speed limits at the time roads are upgraded – consider community character in setting limits.

¨       Improve communications for fire and sheriff’s office systems

¨       Improve public safety radio dispatch system – consider a safer location

¨       Address traffic problems in the vicinity of the high school

¨       Consider increased participation in VDOT revenue sharing program

¨       Lobby General Assembly for increased secondary road funding


Economic Development (manufacturing, business, and restaurants)

¨       Continue industrial recruitment efforts

¨       Increase diversification of the local economy

¨       Improve utilization of shell & Bob White buildings



¨       Construct two to three smaller picnic shelters at Randolph Park seating 20 to 30 persons – consider high school student/staff/volunteer construction.

¨       Survey citizens to determine interest in an indoor Pulaski County activities center similar to what has been done in Christiansburg and Radford


Public Service

¨       Conduct a building space needs/reuse study

¨       Improve working communication and operational agreements with both towns

¨       Continue property clean-up particularly at entrances to the County

¨       Educate citizens on services being provided by the County of Pulaski through a newsletter, citizen report, internet, cable TV public access channel, newspaper articles, radio spots and interviews, student information, civic organization, formation of a speakers bureau, community meetings, direct contact with citizens, a “Your tax dollars at work” brochure, staff involvement in school civics education and participation in civic groups

¨       Improved coordination between Planning Commission and Public Service Authority in encouraging development in appropriate portions of the County as well as meeting the needs of existing homes

¨       Study county-wide uniform utility rates