Elements and Supporting Maps

The comprehensive plan is comprised of specific elements or topic areas, some of which are required per the Code of Virginia, while other elements are optional and may vary from community to community. The Pulaski County Comprehensive Plan consists of the following elements:

Comprehensive Plan Elements

Draper Valley Overlook

Land Use

Land Use element provides policies and designations of land uses to the parcels within the County with the goal of guiding suitable and desirable development, enhancing economic growth, protecting the environment, and maintaining the character of the County.

Overhead shot of Fairlawn, Va

Economic Development

The Economic Development element provides policies and strategies to guide, strengthen and advance the local economy, and to capitalize the County’s economic assets.

Intersection at Route 11 and Route 114


This element provides policies and strategies that address transportation networks and connectivity in the community and considers factors such as access, safety and convenience of transportation systems.

Overhead view of Claytor Lake State Park

Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation element provides direction for enhancement and accessibility of the County’s natural and recreational assets to improve the wellbeing of the community. Parks, green spaces and recreational opportunities are considered.

Housing subdivision


The Housing element provides policies and strategies that enable and promote provision of variety of housing options considering variety of factors including economic and population growth, shifts in age distribution, and community needs.

Supporting Maps

Some of the elements utilize GIS mapping for analysis and visualization to gain location insights, which can be beneficial for understanding the current conditions, and developing the goals, policies and strategies for the future.