What is the current fee for garbage disposal?

Where does this fee go?

  • About one-half of the fee pays for collection and transport to the landfill and one-half pays for disposal at the landfill.

What does this fee cover?

  • This fee pays for pick up and disposal for all household solid waste (no liquids or hazardous materials).
  • This fee also pays for some of the following special services:
  • Refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners picked up by special appointment so that freon gasses can be recovered (674-8720).
  • Furniture and other large appliances picked up by appointment (674-8720).
  • Tires picked up by appointment (674-8720).
  • Brush also picked up by appointment (First pick up truck size load each year no charge, others $15 per load) (Call 674-8720).
  • Landfill access at no charge for households.New River Resource Authority
  • Recycling and large item drop off sites at Dublin and Pulaski.

How much garbage will be picked up at each house?

There is a limit of eight (8) total bags of household garbage pickup per week. However, only waste from the households served is to be collected and building construction materials are not included in the residential service. Sharp objects must be placed in a protective container to avoid injury to personnel loading garbage trucks.

Customers are asked to:

  • Put out no can larger than 32 gallons or holding more than 75 pounds per container (No garbage can or bags inside a can should hold more than what one person can reasonably lift!).
  • Place garbage at the curb or roadside on the morning of the collection day. (Collection begins at 7:00 a.m.).
  • Secure garbage in a can or bag as needed to prevent blowing or strewing.

The ideal arrangement is:

  • Place garbage in a 32 gallon bag.
  • Put bag either in a can or set out separately.
  • Do not leave garbage out overnight.
  • Leave garbage can lids at the house.
  • If a can is used, a heavy non-metal can, such as Rubbermaid Rough Neck Model is preferred.
  • Use mothballs or a disinfectant during warm weather to prevent problems with insect larva.
  • Spray ammonia on the bag to repel animals.
  • Report any problems with service by calling 674-8720.

What laws control solid waste disposal?

Federal and state law allows solid waste disposal only in approved facilities. Counties must make such facilities available under state law. State law allows water and sewer authorities to provide solid waste collection and disposal, as well as to charge for these services.

Who is required to pay for garbage pick up service?

  • All households in the PSA service area. (All of Pulaski County, except the Town of Dublin.)
  • Fees for county residents may be waived while a dwelling is vacant.

Do recyclers or small households get a lower fee?

Yes. Low volume users are charged $13.00 per month. Low volume users may have one thirty-two gallon size trash container emptied every two weeks. Low volume users must pay for all items taken to the landfill.

What is a non-user service?

Under state law, if a household chooses not to have PSA collection service, the are only required to pay 85% of the cost of the service. This fee covers the cost of making this service available (landfill development, purchase of garbage trucks, etc.). Currently, the household non-user fee is $10.00 per month. Non-users are not charged for taking household garbage to the landfill.

Can fees be raised without the public getting notice and a chance to comment?

No! All rate increases by the PSA require a 90-day public notice and a public hearing. A public hearing was held prior to the establishment of the current rate and future hearings will be held with any future rate changes.

Is the renter or landowner responsible for the garbage fee?

Under state law, the landowner is ultimately responsible for the fee. The landowner may arrange for the renter to pay the fee. If the renter pays, a deposit equal to three months bills will be charged. The deposit will be applied to any unpaid bill. If the landowner notifies the PSA when the renter moves, the landowner should avoid any cost. If a renter doesn’t pay for this service, the PSA will discontinue service. Upon request by the landowner, the PSA will notify the landowner of discontinuance for non-payment.

What is being done to hold fees down?

Pulaski County founded the New River Resource Authority to provide the safest, most cost effective solid waste disposal on a regional basis. Currently the Authority serves the county, City of Radford and towns of Pulaski and Dublin, as well as Montgomery and Giles counties.

Garbage service is a separate enterprise fund. Fees are increased only to cover increased operating expenses.

What happens if I cannot pay?

Non-payment will result in termination of service. The household will be placed on non-user status. Charges will accrue at 10% late payment penalty and 10% annual interest. After three months, all outstanding balances will be secured by a lien against the property.

May I pay in advance?

Yes. Advance payment will be credited against future bills in whatever amounts desired by the PSA customers. Advance payment will reduce the inconvenience of monthly or quarterly payments.

Where can I pay my bill?

Bills should be paid using the envelope included with your bill. Bills may also be paid at: 1) Pulaski County Treasurerís Office,  2)  National Bank of Blacksburg (NBB) in Pulaski,  3) Dublin Town Center, or  4) Fairlawn Bookkeeping Services.