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VRS Hybrid Retirement Plan

The Hybrid Retirement Plan Features and Benefits Series provides hybrid plan members with an overview of their plan. The six-part video series includes an introduction to the plan and a description of how contributions and investments are handled, along with an explanation of the benefits available to hybrid plan members and retirement eligibility.

Exploring Your Hybrid Retirement Plan - Introduces you to your retirement plan and the components of the plan. This video outlines who is eligible for the hybrid plan and how maximizing your contributions can help you meet your retirement goals.

Understanding Your Contributions - Explains how you and your employer make contributions to each component of the Hybrid Retirement Plan. This video describes both mandatory and voluntary contributions, and how you can maximize your employer’s match. In addition, this video discusses what happens if you leave covered employment and take your money out of the plan instead of waiting to receive a retirement benefit, if you become eligible.

Choosing Your Investments - Describes the three different investment paths available to Hybrid Retirement Plan participants: Do-It-For-Me Path, Help-Me-Do-It Path, Do-It-Myself Path. This video will introduce you to investment terms and help you decide which path is right for your investment style.

Navigating Account Access - Introduces you to the ICMA-RC tool that will enable you to make investment changes and manage the funds in your defined contribution account. This demonstration walks you through the most frequently accessed screens used to find information and make changes to your account.

Exploring Other Member Benefits - Introduces you to the benefits available to both active members and retirees in the Hybrid Retirement Plan. This video provides high-level information about disability coverage, long-term care, life insurance, health insurance and the health insurance credit, cost-of-living adjustments and purchasing prior service credit.

Preparing for Retirement - Explores when you’ll be eligible for either a reduced or unreduced retirement benefit from the defined benefit component of the hybrid plan. In addition, this video explains the payout options available to you at retirement and distribution options available to you whenever you leave your VRS-covered position.

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myVRS Account Access

Employees should register for their myVRS accounts and defined contribution accounts (if applicable) through Account Access. This video takes you through the steps to secure your accounts.

Improve your money management skills. Tips, tools and time-savers to increase your knowledge.

Flexible Spending Administrators (FSA)

Virginia Line of Duty Act (LODA)

The Virginia Line of Duty Act (LODA) provides death and health benefits to eligible employees and their family members if the employee is disabled or dies in the line of duty. LODA benefits are available to employees and volunteers of the County who's jobs are considered as hazardous duty (fire, rescue, EMS, deputies).

Therefore, the following link is a training video that covers all aspects of the LODA, including eligibility, benefits, filing a claim and other resources available to LODA eligible employees.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

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